Location: Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand

About Sumner

Sumner is a lovely coastal suburb of Christchurch, in Sumner Bay at the eastern end of the Port Hills. Sumner Village is 20 minutes drive from the Christchurch CBD, and 40 minutes drive from Christchurch Airport.

Sumner Bay Motel and Apartments is in Sumner Village – we are just one block back from Sumner Beach; an easy two minute walk to the beach, the Sumner Esplanade and Scarborough Beach in Sumner. Christchurch has good bus links to Sumner and most facilities are in easy walking distance from Sumner Village.

Sumner Village
Sumner Village has a great sense of community and hospitality. Its charm,  character and relaxed seaside lifestyle makes it a popular destination. Village amenities include cafes, bars and restaurants, shops (including a supermarket), medical services, and the Hollywood Cinema is just down the street from Sumner Bay Motel and Apartments. Learn more about Sumner Village

Sumner’s Unique Scenery
The views are breathtaking – panoramic views from mountains, to city and sea. Nestled inside a dormant volcano, Sumner is separated from Christchurch by rugged volcanic hill ridges, ending in cliffs descending to the sea. Sumner’s unique geography and coastal location creates a microclimate, and a wonderful variety of recreational activities.

Surfing & Swimming in Sumner
Sumner Beach is popular for swimming as it is gently sloping with fine grey sand, and in Summer it is patrolled by the Sumner Surf Lifesaving Club. Scarborough Beach in Sumner (along the Sumner Esplanade) is one of the safest beaches in Christchurch to learn how to surf, and nearby Taylors Mistake is another popular surfing beach; on the north side of Godley Head.

Brief History of Sumner
One of Christchurch’s oldest European settlements, Sumner was first surveyed in 1849 - it was to become Christchurch’s second port and was initially settled by European work crews building the road to Lyttleton. Until the Lyttelton Tunnel was built in 1964, the main road between Christchurch and Lyttelton passed through Sumner. Sumner became a popular beach resort for Christchurch settlers, even more so when a tram link was built in 1888. Originally a separate borough, Sumner became part of Greater Christchurch in 1945, under the Christchurch City Council.

Sumner is named after John Bird Sumner – at that time, the new Archbishop of Canterbury. The M?ori name for the Sumner area is Ohikaparuparu (O: place of. Hika: rubbing, kindling, or planting. Paruparu: dirt, deeply laden, or a preparation of fermented cockles).

In 2011, Sumner was affected by earthquakes which damaged or destroyed many homes and buildings. However, we are proud to say that the incredibly strong community spirit here has enabled us to not just recover, but to thrive again.

Kay and Roger look forward to telling you more about our wonderful community.

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